welcome to gwr australia!

Based in Sydney, GWR Australia currently manages almost 40 cars across a wide range of state and national categories and disciplines, making it one of the largest and most versatile professional motorsport teams in the country.

The team was founded by Garth Walden, who has been heavily involved in motorsport, as a competitor and mechanic, full-time for almost 20 years. The team is now managed by Garth and his wife Myriam, who took the plunge and left her career in corporate finance behind to take over the operations side of the business at GWR.

With highly qualified and experienced race mechanics and engineers, GWR Australia is renowned for innovative new car builds, high performance race cars, and an impeccably presented, efficiently-operated team.

From track days to full race series, driver coaching and race simulator training, GWR Australia offers a complete motorsport package to suit any level of driver.

Ayrton senna

Some of what we do

Race Car Preparation and Support

Making the motor-racing experience easy, enjoyable and trouble-free.

Driver Training and Coaching

Maximising your skills on the race track, and using evaluation tools to help you learn and improve.

Race Engineering

Optimising the performance of your race car every time it hits the track.

Engine and Sub-Assembly

Building engines and other mechanical components.

Advanced Suspension

Developing a passive or active suspension system to suit specific applications.

Radical Distribution

Selling Radical race cars, sourcing components and conducting factory-approved servicing.

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